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Makran, Oman and Zanzibar: Three-Terminal Cultural Corridor in the Western Indian Ocean (1799-1856) (Islam in Africa #3) By Beatrice Nicolini Cover Image
Networks of Dissolution: Somalia Undone By Anna Simons Cover Image
Mikono ya damu: Hands of Blood; African Mercenaries and the Politics of Conflict in German East Africa, 1888-1904 By Erick Mann Cover Image
Fighting for Peace in Somalia: A History and Analysis of the African Union Mission (Amisom), 2007-2017 By Paul D. Williams Cover Image
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The Roots of Political Instability in Nigeria: Political Evolution and Development in the Niger Basin By E. C. Ejiogu Cover Image
Africa's Last Romantic; The Films, Books and Expeditions of John L. Brom By Olga Brom Spencer, Glenn Reynolds Cover Image
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Encounter, Transformation, and Identity: Peoples of the Western Cameroon Borderlands, 1891-2000 (Cameroon Studies #8) By Ian Fowler (Editor), Verkijika G. Fanso (Editor) Cover Image
By Ian Fowler (Editor), Verkijika G. Fanso (Editor)
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The Gogo: History, Customs, and Traditions By Mathius E. Mnyampala, Gregory Maddox Cover Image
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Blacksmiths of Ilamba: A Social History of Labor at the Nova Oeiras Iron Foundry (Angola, 18th Century) (Work in Global and Historical Perspective #15) By Crislayne Alfagali Cover Image
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Poland Between the Superpowers: Security Versus Economic Recovery By Arthur R. Rachwald Cover Image
The Women of Afghanistan Under the Taliban By Rosemarie Skaine Cover Image
American Imperialist: Cruelty and Consequence in the Scramble for Africa By Arwen P. Mohun Cover Image
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