Behind the Bill of Rights: Timeless Principles that Make it Tick (Paperback)

Behind the Bill of Rights: Timeless Principles that Make it Tick By Bill Norton, Jeremy Nelson Cover Image
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The principles behind the Bill of Rights have helped elevate human civilization to a level of liberty never before seen in history. The American experiment inspired the spread of written constitutions and declarations of rights throughout the world, which has raised billions out of poverty, chaos, and oppression. However, without understanding the principles behind the Bill of Rights, all nations, including our own, continue to struggle.

Behind the Bill of Rights uncovers the timeless principles that make the Bill of Rights tick. The authors reveal lost meanings, elaborate on new understandings, and bring to light many fundamentals that have been overlooked for decades.

You will discover hidden gems that will invigorate your mind. For example:

- The paradox of tolerance

- The mindset that leads to slavery

- The voting rights timeline you never knew

- Religious freedom: both sides are right-and wrong

- The Third Amendment is a pattern for all laws, not just the quartering of troops

- The fascinating history of the jury & how it protects us

- The lost meaning of the Ninth Amendment

- And much more

Knowing these principles will give you a profound appreciation for the genius of the first ten amendments to the Constitution, and a greater ability to protect your own rights.

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ISBN: 9798886804935
Publisher: National Center for Constitutional Studies
Publication Date: May 23rd, 2022
Pages: 366
Language: English