America Is You!: Men & Women Of Service (Paperback)

America Is You!: Men & Women Of Service By Marni Backer Deimler Cover Image


The new America wants you America wants to be better.To be at our best for this new era, we need our pride, and unity We need every American to have a basic knowledge about our country, what it stands for and where we came from. Our brave men and women of service are part of this. Read about our flag, leaders, wars, legendary military heroes, presidents in the military, the Medal of Honor, and the Nobel Prize. This book and it's series focus on this and uplifting America.We are capable of more, There is nothing we can't tackle together A coffee table book series to ring in American Pride A must read for anyone, any age. Take a ride through American history old and new, our legendary lives, their encouraging quotes and spritzes of messages from the author. Inspiration and songs sprinkle the pages, to ignite our spirit. Creatively designed for an enjoyable, easy read, so that anyone can flip through and get educated and inspired about America's future America needs some extra care right now, she is our great country and we need to stand beside her and guide her. Perhaps we need more great people to step up and make this an America that we can be even prouder of. This 9 volume, America Is You series includes the books: Government-Laws-News, Men & Women of Service, Brilliance, Creative Minds, Music, Showbiz, Great Athletes and Black Lives Matter.Want to renew your faith in America and share it with your kids? Then, this series is for you.

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ISBN: 9798676277512
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: August 18th, 2020
Pages: 132
Language: English