Faint Light (Paperback)

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Mt. Therese, New Hampshire, has always had ghosts. Buried in the ground beneath the concrete, woven into the foundations of buildings and houses, and stashed away from prying eyes, they walk the roads bridging the rural to the urban, hiding in the spaces behind the sunlight. Being a seer, Cosette Arden draws them in and sees past their hiding spots, learning how to live alongside them.

But when a strange girl named Genevieve crashes her car outside Cosette's remote house in the middle of a snowstorm, everything starts to unravel and come to light. Ghosts in her house become restless with the newcomer, speaking in hushed voices Cosette can barely hear. Even Genevieve begins reacting to the spirits that won't leave her alone. When she reveals her connection to Mt. Therese--a link to one of Cosette's murdered friends--Cosette unearths a part of her past she thought was lost forever to come to terms with the secrets and ghosts of her own life.

But things are rarely as they seem, and something old lurks in the shadows. An ancient threat that has killed before wants to kill again, and he has his eyes set on someone in Mt. Therese...

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ISBN: 9798218285418
Publisher: Melissa McCowen
Publication Date: October 27th, 2023
Pages: 288
Language: English