Who Killed Kenzo?: The Loss of a Son and the Ongoing Battle for Gun Safety (Paperback)

Who Killed Kenzo?: The Loss of a Son and the Ongoing Battle for Gun Safety By Griffin Dix Cover Image
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After Griffin Dix's 15-year-old son, Kenzo, is killed in a gun "accident" by a close friend, Griffin learns that the gun lacked safety features that could have prevented his son's death. A brilliant Brady Center lawyer helps him and his wife sue Beretta USA, leading to courtroom battles between a major gun violence prevention organization and leaders of the gun industry, who argue over the causes of Kenzo's death. This gripping account exposes how the gun industry markets guns designed for the military and police to untrained civilians, too often with tragic results. But the book is not just another "gun control" diatribe. It gives full voice to both sides of a fascinating American debate that has implications for the safety of American families.

Griffin's deeply personal narrative ends with hope. It tells how he joins a California coalition to pass state laws to reduce unsafe gun storage and to establish handgun safety standards that force the gun industry to sell safer handguns. These laws help dramatically reduce unintentional gun deaths in California and the rest of the country when the safer handguns are sold nationwide.

About the Author

Griffin Dix has a Ph.D in cultural anthropology from the University of California, San Diego, and is a former college professor at Santa Clara University. He is a nationally known activist and has received many awards for his work in gun violence prevention. He has led the Oakland, California Brady chapter for many years and was elected nationally by the chapters to represent them on the Brady Board. In recent years his op-eds have been published in more than twenty newspapers and media with over 54 million total impressions. See: https://griffindix.com/. He lives in Kensington, California.

Praise For…

"Who Killed Kenzo? tells a nitty-gritty tale about the fight against gun violence… every victory is hard-won and incomplete. Progress is incremental… every year, there are more family members of firearms victims looking to help curb the nation’s gun carnage." —Bill Lueders, Editor-at-large of The Progressive Magazine 

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ISBN: 9781954907621
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Publisher: Woodhall Press
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2023
Pages: 386
Language: English