Street Smarts for the College Student (Paperback)

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Street Smarts was written with the struggling college student in mind, giving them a stronger chance at academic success. Having struggled with school himself, Jesse learned to utilize his 'Street Smarts' to survive the college 'system'. In the process, he developed a host of unusual techniques for traversing the world of higher education happy, healthy, and bright, while avoiding the unwanted consequences of the often 'dehumanized' systems of modern education. While this book was written with the struggling student in mind, it is filled with information, tips, tricks, and 'alternative tactics' for surviving and utilizing the college environment, useful for anyone from high-school through higher education of all kinds. This is not a typical 'do-college-the-right-way, ' kind of book. It is a book about surviving by using every resource available and finding those resources with as little effort as possible. At the same time, it helps students figure out how to learn and use their unique skill-sets to get themselves ahead and obtain true success in higher education. In easy to read, non-nonsense, no-reality-barred style, complete with useful quotes, resources, and hard-earned insights, Street Smarts for the College Student is a great, quick-read book with years of experience and personal discoveries from someone who has been there, struggled, nearly failed, stumbled, grumbled, just about given up, and pushed on anyways - returning to pass on his user-map on how to thrive and survive the academic ride. For anyone involved in or about to begin higher education of any kind, this book is a great way to cut down the learning curve on the 'other side' of academic life - the side usually passed on with a laugh and a wink or else discovered the hard-way. Hard-way no more. Get 'Street Smart.'

About the Author

Jesse Fister earned a B.A.Theatre/Drama from the University of Montana, graduating with honors in May, 2010. He is TEFL Certified (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and has taught dance as an adjunct professor at the University of Montana under the guidance of his teacher, a former U.S. Latin finalist. Over a period of five years, Jesse has experienced academic life at Universities around the country (Montana, Michigan, Texas, California), involving himself in various ways in several undergraduate programs from Ethnobotany to Criminal Science, Theatre/Dance, Kinesiology and more. During this time, his extracurricular interests and certifications have developed even more broadly, including wilderness survival studies, Chinese medicine, HAM radio, martial arts, and more. 'Everything, ' Jesse feels, 'is education.'

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ISBN: 9781452816951
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Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: July 20th, 2010
Pages: 118
Language: English