Humplepumple Adventures 1-4: 4 in 1 Outer World Adventure Books for Children and Teens (Paperback)

Humplepumple Adventures 1-4: 4 in 1 Outer World Adventure Books for Children and Teens By Rolf Blickling Cover Image
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"When Humplepumple awoke, he didn't know how long he had slept, or where he was." He soon discovers he is far from home, and finds himself in an outer-world realm called the land of the Felicitens.

At first, he makes friends, but he quickly finds out that the blissful and idealist world of Felicitens is plagued by villains.

When Humplepumple and his four new friends attempt to outwit the Terribly Stinking Terrifying Sourcerer, the group are outsmarted, and must embark on a quest through many outer-world realms and five continents on Earth to save the hostages. An incredible adventure begins

  • What will the Felicitens discover about Earth?
  • What new villains will they find on Earth?
  • How will they triumph to rescue the hostages?


This book was written with 14-year-olds in mind, but it will be equally enjoyed by adults, as the story can be interpreted on many different levels and offers warmth and humour that transcends any age group.

Like many children's books, Humplepumple deals with the eternal struggle between good and evil, friendship and egotism, and love and hate. But unlike most other stories, the events in Humplepumple unfold for the most part in an intriguingly realistic earthly environment seen through the refreshingly na ve eyes of the Felicitens to see an honest look at our society and its decision-makers.

While this aspect of the book might elude the grasp of its younger readers, its overall educational effects certainly won't. In this sense, Humplepumple truly combines the adage of 'teach and delight'. Although somewhat moralizing at times, Humplepumple is genuinely innovative in its overall concept, makes a delightful read and should easily find its own niche in a book market craving new heroes in the wake of Harry Potter.

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Publisher: Turtle Publishing
Publication Date: November 8th, 2022
Pages: 490
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